Capacity Building & Staffing

Helping Organizations to fulfil their resource needs over Niche Technology Areas across VVNT space.

VVNT helps with building professionals on Digital Assurance, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Audits & Compliance, DevOps.


Involved in training freshers, new recruits at colleges & Corporates for making them productive in projects

Co-Sourcing for Corporates

Partnering for your faster resource fulfilment through various channels

Corporate Training Programmes

Comprehensive Training offerings for today’s Digital Business Needs

How We Can Help?
  • Backed up by VVNT foundation (Trained Professionals with Extensive Internship Program done)
    • VVNT Community
    • DXO Community
  • Assist corporates on Training programmes & certifications options for Fresher’s in Specialized areas (NFR, Security/Privacy & DevOps)
  • Resourcing across VVnT requirements
  • Help Corporates in team Building on VVNT Domain
  • Help Corporates in End to End Hiring Process
  • Staff Augmentation resources
  • Training programmes in Specialized areas
    • DevOps, Security, Privacy, Cloud, NFR Testing, Usability & Customer Experience
  • Persona Based Trainings
  • Coverage on Global Certifications
  • Request Based Customized Trainings